Let us Spray

23 January, 2008

My girl is calling again.

As mentioned in previous posts, “calling” in context of an un-neutered female cat is when they go on heat.

I’m not sure why it’s called “calling”.  “Calling” has connotations of a genteel telephone conversation between two parties.  Whereas as, every breeder knows, a cat on heat is more of a “moaning”, “howling” or, in my girl’s case, a “spraying”.

It’s the third time she’s called since her last litter, and the first time she’s ever called in the winter.  Winter’s long nights, short days and cold weather is supposed to stop cats from calling.  However, the weather has been unseasonably warm, about 13 degrees C one night, and apparently, from comparing notes, I’m not the only breeder with a calling cat.

I’ve tried to make sure that she’s confined to the living room which has wooden floors that can be cleaned, and tidied away items of clothing in case she marks them with her pee.

Hubby called me on the mobile today.  He said he thought she’d sprayed one of his shirts.  (This despite my warning to him not to hang his shirts over the chairs in the living room as what calling cat can resist a dangling shirt sleeve?)

There was silence and then:  “Why are you laughing?” he asked plaintively.


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