Teddy and the Woodpigeon

23 January, 2008

Last summer, a fledgling flew into our garden at twilight.  What the stupid bird was trying to do, I don’t know – most of the neighbourhood birds avoid our garden.

If I hadn’t seen it with my eyes I wouldn’t have believed it.  Teddy took off after it and when it tried to gain altitude, he sprang at least 3 feet off his hind legs, did a remarkable mid-air twist as the bird tried to evade him, and swiped at it with a paw.  It was a remarkable display of split-second timing and agility by a cat whom I thought was too heavy and ponderous for such acrobatics.  Amazingly, his paw connected with the bird and it fell to the ground, but before he could pounce, it flapped desperately and got away.

At the weekend, it was the turn of the Woodpigeon.  Mr Woodpigeon used to be one of a pair who visited the garden.  Years ago, even before my current family of cats, Mrs Woodpigeon became a pile of feathers in the garden.  So Mr Woodpigeon was reduced to sitting on the rose arch, cooing to himself, looking lonely. 

Well, I don’t know how, but Teddy got him.  The only witnesses were Ananda (my queen) who was in the garden, and hubby who was in the kitchen, who saw the sudden spray of feathers.

We went out, me armed with a carrier bag, to try to rescue the pigeon as it fluttered its way down the garden.  I made hubby pick it up, and he tried, but as soon as he grasped it he let it go because its wounds were not minor.  We should have wrung its neck, but neither of us couldn’t bring ourselves to do it.  So we left the cats to finish it off.

I meant to write this as a kind of proud tribute to my cat’s hunting prowess, but I’m aware that there are people reading this who will think it’s cruel.  It’s certainly made me look at Teddy in another way … this cat who’s packaged as a cuddle wuss has claws … teeth and real cattitude.



  1. Yep…in this Disney Pixar era we need more NatGeo to remind us that cute little kitty/puppy/alligator is actually a lean mean killing machine.

    Anyway my dad keeps loads of birds in the backyard and he goes bonkers when he sees cats around. Now I know why.

  2. Hello. I’m a cat lover and a bird lover too and was wondering if you have a bell on his collar? I too am secretly proud of the hunting instinct of my cat but the poor birds have a hard enough time these days with the reduction of their habitat, use of pesticides etc, it seems only fair to give them a fighting chance! It is nesting season right now so it is even more dangerous for them.
    PS – Your cats are beautiful btw.

  3. Hi Losh, thanks for reading my blog!

    You are right, all responsible cat owners should bell their cats. I do agree that it is a very good idea and gives the birds a fair chance.

    I do put a bell and collar on my Bengal, but she keeps losing them – like every few days! I’m not sure how she loses them, it’s costing me a fortune. The bell was driving her and me crazy though. I’m ashamed to say that Teddy doesn’t wear a collar and I really should put one on him.

    The good news is that the birds in the neighbourhood hardly visit our garden anymore.

    Thanks for your advice and your compliments.

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