Still p***ed off

27 January, 2008

This is the longest my queen has ever called – 9 days so far.  Usually her calls last about a week and the realisation that this is no ordinary call and could drag on is wearing us down.

Hubby is particularly pissed off.  I don’t blame him because the living room is his cave, and that’s where I’ve confined my queen, thinking that its wooden floors would make cleaning easier.

I thought I’d leave thorough cleaning to when it’s all over, but the stink was too much. 

So I spent 3 hours this afternoon on my hands and knees.  First I went over all the horizontal and vertical surfaces with a cloths soaked with a dilute solution of biological laundry detergent.  This included all the legs of the dining room chairs and table.  Then I rinsed with plain water, then sprayed urine eliminator on the more obvious surfaces.

You know that film Karate Kid where Mr Miyagi trains Daniel (the Kid) to fight by having him perform household chores like painting the house and waxing the car?  Well, I wonder what defensive moves he would have ascribed to the actions I used in cleaning the floor.  All I can say is that all of my right arm and the muscles attaching right arm to chest are aching in a way that bodes ill for tomorrow.

Back to hubby.  I bought him a 4-pack of John Smith’s last night.  So he wasn’t pissed off anymore.  Just pissed.  Sorted.



  1. Hi There

    Try using sugar soap on any marking smells – it works a treat and is harmless, works on every greasy based mark as well as urine.

    I discovered this by accident and it saved my home! I find that the urine eliminators do nothing for me – another thing you can try is Cromosoll from Wallace Cameron. It is brilliant cleaner/smell masker/disinfectant (used by Crufts to clean pens).

    I have Bengals and Maine Coons together no problem at all but have heard an urban myth that they are impossible together. I think you’re right about your pregnant girl, many of mine don’t get on when they aren’t and have mums to be near by.


  2. Hi Philippa,

    What wonderful tips. I am going to rush out and get a bumper pack of sugar soap. If it works you will have solved the problem of all the cat breeders in this country!

    I haven’t heard of Cromosoll, but I’ll google it.

    I think you have been blessed in the Bengals and Maine Coons you’ve got. My Bengal girl would rather I didn’t have the Maine Coon. I think she despises the Maine Coon because she is so much more intelligent than the Maine Coon. Plus, my Bengal is a bully. A friend of mine has 3 Bengals and 2 Burmese, but her Bengals are gentle souls. Trust me to end up with the archetypal dominant Bengal.

    Do you breed cats too? Bengals or Maine Coons?

    Many thanks again for reading my blog and leaving the tips.

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