Fantastic Catnip Sampler from Kittybags

9 March, 2008

As you may have read from previous postings, I’m always on the lookout for new and better catnip products.  I thought I’d found nirvana in the form of the Gato Catnip Cigar, but thanks to Denise Laurent my cats have been introduced to a new brand of premium, extra strong catnip.  As usual with all the best cat products, it comes from the US, made by a company called Kittybags, but (fortunately) available in the UK from Purrs in Our Hearts, an online shop with profits going to UK cat rescue or Mypetgoods.

I bought 3 different variants:  The Six Pack Sampler, the Gourmet Flower Buds and the Select Gourmet Blend (which is organic).

What got me excited is the Six Pack Sampler which contains six individually-wrapped packets of different types of catnip and other herbs like valerian and honeysuckle that apparently drive cats crazy.  The sampler pack allows your cats to test drive the herbs, so you can buy a full-sized pack later on.

Here is a photo of the contents of the Six Pack Sampler:  Gourmet Catnip, Premium Blend Catnip, Catnip Flower Buds, Catnip Pellets, Valerian Root and Honeysuckle.


(photo taken while cats were out of the room and door was locked.  Shortly after door was opened cats came charging in sniffing the air suspiciously.)

I haven’t tried the Honeysuckle yet – I never knew that Honeysuckle had any effect on cats, so I’m going to be interested what happens to my cats when they get hold of it.  It looks like a dried slice of either the root or stem of the plant, and I think it has to be soaked in water for the active ingredient to be activated.

So far the catnip variety that has had an astounding response from my cats are the Catnip Flower Buds.  These come in the form of long stalks holding dried catnip buds.  According to Kittybags:  “Aromatic Premium Catnip Buds are the most potent form of Catnip available. Dripping with oil at the time they are picked and cured naturally.” [cue folksy music and vast golden fields of catnip swaying and weaving in the sunshine, oozing catnip essence, lovingly hand-gathered by cat lovers]

My cats can’t read but their reaction said it all.  All the catnip products come in nifty tins, sealed with insulating tape.  I peeled off the tape from the Catnip Flower Buds tin, and started levering the lid off.  Suddenly the heads of all 3 dozing cats lifted in unison.  I dropped one bud each in different locations of the room.  My queen Ananda who was on the bed, started writhing as though in some sort of x-rated feline movie, and my other two couldn’t get enough of it, squabbling over the last micro-shreds of it.  In the end I had to dispense some more of it because they wouldn’t stop nosing around.

Kittybags claim that they choose the world’s best growers of catnip for their products and harvest only when catnip oils are at their peak.  My cats give it a definite paws-up.

(The only other thing I wanted to add was the excellent service I got from Mypetgoods.  I’d originally ordered the Six Pack Sampler and three tins of the Gourmet Flower Buds.  They e-mailed me to say that unfortunately they only had one tin of the Gourmet Flower Buds in stock, and could they offer me either a refund or two tins of their Select Gourmet Blend (which was more expensive than the Flower Buds).  Of course I couldn’t resist and accepted the Select Gourmet Blend.  I’ll definitely be coming back for more!)

Update 28 July 2008 – I’m pleased to announce another source of Kittybags:  it’s Purrs in Our Hearts, an online shop with profits (after costs) going to UK cat rescue.  They also sell the fantastic Da Bird cat toy, the quickest way to your cat’s heart, and many other toys.  Tanya who runs Purrs is always open to suggestions on toys to stock that drive your kitty crazy so do drop her a line.


(And if you’re wondering if the look-and-feel of the blog has changed slightly, you’re right.  I’m now using Windows Live Writer to write the blog and it has a wonderful facility for uploading the photos – it resizes them so they don’t take forever to open,  and even adds professional-looking drop shadows to them.  Plus I don’t have the usual problems I have in aligning the photos that is one of my bugbears with WordPress.  WLW is so user-friendly, I didn’t even need a manual to figure out how it works.  As highly recommended as Kittybags Catnip.)



  1. the catnip container is so “grand”. I wish I can get hold of it at Malaysia

  2. Hi Marjan, thanks for reading my blog. You might want to buy direct from the supplier – Kittybags. Here is their web-site:


    I don’t know if you’ll have to pay import duty on US goods, but here in the UK, as long as it’s under 17GBP there’s no import duty. Of course, postage etc. can make it quite expensive.

    I’ve also since found out that the UK stockist doesn’t seem to be trading anymore. Very sad.

    Maybe you might consider becoming a supplier of Kittybags catnip? There must be a market for premium catnip products in Malaysia? Or even buy the catnip seed and grow some catnip plants for your cat?

    Best wishes.

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