She’s calling! (phew)

15 March, 2008

Well, it looks like my last post worked. 

On the Sunday night after I posted, my queen fell asleep, curled up in the crook between my head and shoulder – she’d never done that before.  One of the signs that a cat is on heat can be increased cuddliness.

My Bengal neuter started chasing her.  Then on Monday night, she started her throaty mew and I scruffed her.  No paddling of hind feet, but she did crouch and look hopeful.  The rest of the night she continued to wander round the house mewing.  By Tuesday she was definitely in paddling-mode.  So I contacted the stud cat owner on Tuesday and fortunately her stud cat was available which was fantastic news.

So we went down on Wednesday afternoon and Ananda is now enjoying her Club 18-30 holiday with the stud cat, Noracoon Vespasian, owned by Fiona Nicholls of Koonikki Maine Coons.  I will post more about the stud cat in a future post.


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