The Stud Cat – Ch. Noracoon Vespasian

16 March, 2008


This handsome stud cat is Ch. Noracoon Vespasian, owned by Fiona Nicholls of Koonikki Maine Coons.  He’s a classic red/silver tabby with white.

His lines are absolutely sterling – his father (Verismo Britannicus) won the Supreme.  The Supreme is the official cat show of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and to qualify for the Supreme a cat must have won a championship show.  As a young cat, Vespa (as he’s known) was a champion in the show ring too.

Vespa has got an amazing temperament (inherited from his father, Brit), and best of all, he passes on his laid-back, bomb-proof temperament to his kittens.  I discovered just how friendly and sociable he was when I entered his pen.  He climbed onto one of his shelves and then put his huge paw on one of my shoulders.  I was very flattered – it turned out that that was his way of saying “stroke me, play with me!”.

Turns out he’s extremely experienced and virile too.  We arrived late evening Wednesday and I later got an e-mail from Fiona saying that he had already mated Ananda that night – twice.

He’s also a gentleman and knows how to handle the ladies.  There’s a heated cat shed in his pen with two cat beds.  Ananda apparently commandeered his bed and lay in it, but he gallantly allowed her to do so.

Fiona is the first breeder I’ve met who has a baby alarm installed in stud cat pens so that she can monitor what’s happening between stud cat and queen, even during the night.  I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I was by her dedication and care.  I felt my girl couldn’t be in better hands.

I was also very impressed by the set-up that Fiona had for her cats.  The stud cats and queens (when calling) are kept outdoors in pens in a garden courtyard.  In the centre is an amazing pond, stocked with koi carp.  The garden is totally fenced-in so that the cats can enjoy fresh air.  The pens, pond and fencing had been built and installed by her multi-talented and ingenious husband.

Indoors are her neuters and kittens, living as part of the family.  They were some of the most friendly Maine Coons I’ve ever met.  As soon as my hubby sat down on the chair, one of the kittens climbed onto his lap, then perched on his tummy, purring loudly away.  Two others came and draped themselves on the sofa beside him, and fell asleep.

We were going to pick Ananda up today because we thought that mating had stopped, but it turns out that the happy couple have decided to start up again, and Fiona has kindly agreed to let Ananda stay on for a few more days.

Many thanks, Fiona, for letting Ananda be with Vespa!

(photo of Ch. Noracoon Vespasian used by kind permission of Fiona Nicholls of Koonikki Maine Coons)


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