She’s back!

23 March, 2008

Ananda, my queen is back from the stud cat’s at Koonikki Maine Coons.

She was due back on Wednesday, but as we couldn’t get away from work at short notice, Fiona Nicholls kindly offered to let her stay for awhile longer.

We picked Ananda up on Good Friday and according to Fiona, she had been as good as gold. She did try her princess act with Fiona though. During one of our telephone conversations earlier during her stay, Fiona told me that she had to open the door to the shed where the cats had been sleeping, because Ananda didn’t know how to use the cat flap that gave access to the shed. I was mortified! Of course Ananda knew how to use a cat flap – we’ve got one in the kitchen door, leading to the garden. I must confess that Ananda much prefers to sit daintily by the door until I open the door for her, rather than use the cat flap. That, and waiting to be picked up and put onto the kitchen counter space where I feed her is part of her princess act. And of course she had to try it on with Fiona. We shouldn’t take it personally when our cats play up, but of course we do.

Apart from that sudden outburst of prima donna behaviour, she was fine. Vespasian the stud cat decided to help her finish her food, and this led to much good-natured head-butting between the pair. She was also, according to Fiona, relatively gentle with Vespa. Apparently queens on heat have been known to draw blood from the male after mating, and chase the male around the pen! It goes without saying that a good stud cat must be strong, courageous, and canny, able to leap about six feet vertically onto a perch to avoid the swiping claws of an irate, yet sex-crazed female!

An interesting consequence of her visit to the stud cat has been a slight change in the dynamics between her and Maya the Bengal. As readers of this blog are aware, Maya is a typical Bengal, with a need to be top cat. When Ananda returned, she must have reeked of stud cat (not that I could smell anything) because Maya started sniffing her, and when Ananda growled, Maya backed away and walked off instead of initiating a power-fight.

Also, Maya has always occupied the best spot on the bed. Ananda decided to curl up on the bed and fell asleep, a hidden lump under the blanket. Maya saw the lump and started stalking it, but Ananda growled and once again, Maya didn’t rise to the challenge, but simply jumped off the bed.

I’m not sure how long this welcome change will last as Maya’s not the sort of cat to put up with displacement. A friend of mine who has Bengals has reported that her Bengals have become much calmer now that they’ve reached middle-age.


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