“The most powerful muscle in the world …

11 May, 2008

 … is a dog’s chin.

When a dog rests its chin against any part of you, you’re stuck in that position till it decides to move and release you.”


What a succinct yet touching description of the loving relationship between dog and human.  Entitled “Playing Footsie“, it is reproduced with the kind permission of Snugpug, from her blog. (http://snugpug.blogspot.com/).  Snugpug is owned by two dogs, a miniature schnauzer and a smooth-haired fox terrier.  The photo of the charmer with melting brown eyes is Rupert, the terrier.

It’s no different with cats.  Which is why I had to pay a visit to the osteopath, caused in part by my physical contortions in trying to accommodate a large Maine Coon who has chosen to use me as his bed. 

Our furry companions may be smaller than us, but ounce for ounce, just one paw is enough to control us!


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