Some useful cat pregnancy sites

16 May, 2008

As you may know, my queen, Ananda is pregnant, and hopefully the stork will be visiting soon. She was very restless last night and this morning. I woke up several times to rub her tummy for comfort.

Here are some cat pregnancy sites which I have found useful. The first time she kittened, I didn’t have anyone experienced to help me, just what I found on the internet. All I can say is … I was lucky, it went smoothly, and thank goodness for the www.

Feline Advisory Bureau’s “Feline Parturition – When to wait and when to worry” – explains the different stages of pregnancy, has photos of a cat giving birth, discusses interrupted labour, possible encountered during labour, what you can do to help and methods of kitten revival.

About.com’s “So your Cat is Pregnant” – a series of articles on the birth process and possible complications.

PetEducation.com’s “Queening (Giving Birth)” – has a handy list of what supplies you need for the birth, also a sample table for recording kitten weights. One thing missed on the list is a torch – this is very handy if you wake up in the middle of the night and want to look at kittens without switching on the main light.

Rameses Cat’s “Ellie’s Kittens” – day-by-day progress report on Ellie, a Siamese cat, from birth to when the kittens leave home. Fantastic photos and narrative. Also check out Libby’s Kittens on the same site.

Finally, expert advice from the people who’ve been there and done that on the Novice Breeders Advice Forum. As cat breeders keep strange hours, you can count on almost 24/7 advice on this Yahoo Groups forum. You will have to register before participating, so best to join the group well before your queen is due. Really warm and generous group.


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