Best kitten enquiry ever!

9 June, 2008

Breeders get many enquiries for kittens.  Here’s one of the best, received by Helena Barrows of Chinktonks and used with her sporting permission.  It was originally posted on the Novice Breeder Advice yahoo group forum,

“Thanks for your quick response,I want kitten,Because i can carry kitten
anywhere,i really want to get a Pet soon.Im interested,just received payment
from work and i am really anxious about having your Horse,.I really like to
come for viewing.If you want to have it sold i would need some details from
you so that i can come in case it’s mandatory,live in New York and need
carrier to pick up.I would love to know your Full Home Address,Full Names
city,and postal code,so i can go through either of the options on hand.1
come over to view and find someone to pick up 2,send personal check and wait
to clear .please it is necessary to pick one,necessary to know your interest”

Hmm … anyone for a HorseKitten?



  1. Classic. Now when I begin my quest for the illusive naturally reared rawfed horsecat I’ll know where to look:)

  2. In tone, it sounds like one of those Nigerian scam emails. I’d be worried if someone kept pressing me for my full name and full home address.

    I hope those are attack horsekittens.

  3. Ha ha. Boy that’s why I am scared of Twitter and its stalkers.It sounds like some sort of language translator gibberish.

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