A possible cause of stud cat “infurtility”

24 June, 2008

I couldn’t help the pun in the title – it will become obvious.

During the NBA cat club seminar this year, Dr. Susan Little showed us a video clip of a Persian stud cat sidling into a pen, and eyeing a queen with great interest.  Wow – I’ve never seen a cat move so quickly!  It was like something out of a special effects movie:  one moment he was nonchalantly sidling into the cage, and the next second he was on her.

However, the mating seemed to go on for longer than usual.  Cat matings are usually short and brief: the tom does his bit and leaps off before the female can scratch him to bits.  In the video it was obvious that the male cat was having problems with getting to the right bits.

In seems that in cases where studs have problems mating, it pays to examine the fur surrounding the penis.  Sometimes with long-haired cats, bits of fur can form a hair ring round the base of the penis, preventing it from penetrating sufficiently. 

Something so easy to overlook in this day and age of science where the tendency is to submit a cat to every medical test under the earth.


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