The move downstairs – New kitten quarters

25 June, 2008

I moved the kittens downstairs about two weeks’ back, when they turned 4 weeks’ old, into the living room.  This was prompted by Mum Cat bringing them chicks to eat.  I figured that she knew when they were ready for solids.  But if I was gonig to start weaning them I had to make sure they had access to litter trays for that all-too important phase of their lives – litter training.  The bedroom, with its carpets, wasn’t the best place for litter trays.  So downstairs they had to go.

In previous years I used a kitten pen which the kittens always managed to get out of.  It was a large pen, but after I added a litter tray (small), box, water and toys, it got quite cramped and they outgrew it quickly.  So this year I built a makeshift enclosure out of whiteboards from B&Q.  Here it is:

As you can see, plenty of room for their kitten box, litter trays, water bowl and a corner for some vet bed and a cat-scratching post.  I placed it next to the cat tree so that Mum Cat could get in and out by jumping onto the top of the kitten box and onto the cat tree.  The sides of the enclosure are so far still too high for the kittens to scale.  The floor of the enclosure is made of 3 whiteboards taped together – such a dream to clean!


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