Raw feeding recipe using Woldsway Rabbit

9 July, 2008

Raw Rabbit Recipe


1 x 0.5kg pack of boneless wild rabbit chunks

1 x 0.5kg pack of mixed rabbit offal (heart, liver, kidney, lungs)

1 x 0.5kg pack of minced wild rabbit (bone-in – VERY IMPORTANT for the calcium content)

2 x raw egg yolks (preferably organic or free-range)

2000mg taurine (very important if using frozen meat, or will be freezing the meat)

400IU Vitamin E

100mg Vitamin B

2000mg salmon oil

1 tsp kelp

1 tsp psyllium husk


Cut rabbit chunks into smaller chunks if feeding kittens.  Puree offal in meat grinder.  Mix with mince.  Place in large bowl.  Add approx. 200-300ml of water.  Add egg yolks (not the egg whites).  Open supplement capsules and sprinkle over mix.  Mix with spoon or if feeling bloodthirsy, hands.  Spoon mix into small freezer bags.  Approx. 3 dessertspoons per bag will feed 5 kittens (at 7 weeks’ old) per meal.  Will make approx. 10 bags x 3 spoons per bag.  This is approx. 3 days’ worth of food.

Rabbit from http://www.woldsway.co.uk/acatalog/Pet_Meat.html

Supplements from various sources (mostly dry, powder version for ease of mixing)



  1. Thank you for posting this! Do you feed total raw, or raw plus kibble?

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  3. Hi, I am just back from Holland&Barrett…. It was quite difficult to choose all supplements. I end up with Sea Kelp 30mg and Psyllium Husks 500mg – could you tell me how much is it in 1 tsp?
    And it was a lot of different vitamin B (all different numbers…) I bought B complex with vitamin C. Each caplet contains: B1-18mg, B2-10mg, B6-5mg, B12-10?g, vitamin C-300mg as well as niacin, pantothenic and folic acids, biotin. How much do you think I should add to follow your recipe?
    Thanks for your website – very interesting.

  4. Hello Natalia,

    Sorry for the delay in replying. Thank you for your kind comments about my blog.

    And congratulations on taking the plunge in feeding raw.

    Are your supplements in powdered form or pills? I usually buy mine as a loose powder.

    I would try to crush the supplements if in pill form. That’s the only way you’re going to get them to mix with the ground mince. Otherwise you will have to dissolve them in water.

    If you crush the supplements then there’s no problem with working out how much is in 1 tsp.

    Best wishes,


  5. Hi, I just came across your blog while Googling for ideas of what to feed my cat. I saw the raw food recipe and wondered how much you would feed an adult cat of this mixture per day? Our cat is 5kgs now (he used to be 6.7kg) and he is under treatment with steroids but we are struggling to find things to keep him eating. He ate some raw lean beef mince today and loved the little bit but I want to try something with all the correct nutrients. I have gone through so man foods over the last 3 months since he has been ill and constantly looking for ideas. What he eats one day he may not eat th next and we just need to keep him eating. He is about 13 years old (as stimated by the vet) as he was a stray ct who adopted us and has been one of our babies for the last 10 years.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I would say about 150-200g of the raw whole rabbit mince (plus offal) or chicken mince (plus offal and supplements) per day divided into two meals. It all depends on how active your cat is. I suggest putting down a tablespoon of the mince and if he finishes it, another tablespoon, and so on. My kittens used to eat at least 1 tablespoon per meal at 12 weeks’ old. I never used to weigh what the adult cats ate. I just put down a small plateful and it vanished.

      I never had a problem with variety when feeding either the raw rabbit or the raw chicken. Somehow, the mix of meat, ground-up bone and offal meant it was like eating whole prey and the cat’s tastebuds recognised it and it satisfied the cat 7 days a week without having to vary it.

      If you do want to vary the cat’s diet, then try raw rabbit one day, raw chicken the next, some raw lamb mince. Or raw whole chicks (you can buy them frozen). For a treat, try chicken liver or lambs liver (but only feed a little). Or a few prawns. Or even cooked chicken (e.g. Almo Nature or Applaws).

      If your cat likes raw you won’t have a problem at all. The challenge is transitioning the cat from commercial to raw. And even though he seems to like the raw beef mince, transition him gradually, over a week.

      A cat on raw will eat less than a cat on commercial because raw food is nutrient-dense and has no fillers.

      Do follow the recipe where supplements are concerned. That’s very important especially for a cat that’s not been well.

      Please let me know how he does.

      Best wishes

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  7. Hello, last week i ordered some diced organic chicken breasts from riverford organics and wanted to try raw feeding them to my cat. I opened the packet and what a smell…plus it didnt look fresh to me.
    So frustrating especially ordering from riverford organics :(( Does anybody know who has had success having fresh chicken delivery to feed thier cat? Any website suggestions much appreciated. This week its the first time im placing an order with woldsway food and will be getting fresh rabbit mince delivery tomorrow.Do you think i should freeze the mince before giving it to my cat whos never had raw meat before?

    • Hi Priya, I have never ordered from Riverford Organics. I tend to buy fresh organic chicken either from Waitrose or from a poultry butcher that I trust. I would report the sub-standard product to Riverford Organics and get your money back. Do not feed raw chicken that is less than fresh to your cat.

      As for Woldsway, I have never had an issue with freezing the mince and then thawing it out. What I would do is when you first get your delivery, to break down each packet into smaller meal-size portions, and then freeze the portions. That way you only thaw out what you need.

      Best wishes,


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