Would I sell a kitten to a home where a cat had died of FIV?

21 July, 2008

It’s that time again when kitten enquiries flood in.  It’s hard to convey the emotions that wash over me when I look at my beloved kittens and worry about whether or not they will find their forever homes where they will be spoilt and cherished.

One of the most wonderful kitten enquiries I received recently was from a couple who opened their hearts and home to a rescue cat.  The cat was old – a 15-year-old and had only one leg and was blind in one eye.  The cat also had FIV, and sadly had to be put to sleep recently.

They wanted to know if I would home a kitten with them?

My first instinct was to say “yes” – their love and compassion for cats made them dream owners.  Not many people would take in a sick cat and give him love for the few remaining months of his life.  Their honesty was something most breeders appreciate too.

However, I knew nothing of FIV, so I couldn’t reply immediately but had to consult with breeders on the Novice Breeders Forum. 

Some of the breeders had stories to share of homing cats with FIV.  Apparently the FIV virus is quite fragile and would not persist in the environment.  General advice was as long as there was at least a month after the death, and all bedding and toys were disinfected, it should be fine.  And all of them were unanimous in giving the go-ahead to home a kitten with the couple.

Alas, I was too late and by the time I’d replied, the couple had found a kitten elsewhere.  Lucky kitten!

So far with previous litters, I have been blessed with kitten owners who have given my kittens loving pet homes, and who have become friends.   God willing I will be as fortunate with this litter.


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