Hair of the Cat

28 July, 2008

The following conversation took place when a few of my office colleagues went out for lunch today:

Colleague 1 (lifting something invisible something off hamburger and looking pained):  Urgggh … I think it’s a hair.

Me:  Human or cat?

Colleague 2:  Does it matter?  Does it make it better if it’s cat hair?

Colleague 3 (owner of 2 Ragdolls and a Bengal):  Of course it does.  Cats are always licking themselves and their hair is very clean!

Reaction of non-cat-owning colleagues:  priceless!

I think all cat owners will recognise the fact that when you have a cat, it’s hard to avoid cat hairs creeping into your food and other bits of property.  But it’s something you get used to.  Just the other day someone lifted a cat hair off my neck because she thought it would irritate my skin.  It was a ginger hair, and I expressed a fondness for Teddy who had shed it, much to the bewilderment of that person.

But in case you are now making plans never to accept any food and drink from me, let me assure you that my standards of hygiene befit someone with 4 planets in Virgo and shares in Milton Disinfectant.  Why, I even lick the kitchen counter before cleaning it!


One comment

  1. I love it when I’m out or at work and find dog hair on me, it makes me feel that I’ve got a bit of my furkids on me. It just makes me smile and work becomes a little more bearable. So dog people are just as nutty as cat people. 🙂

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