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This is my human …

7 August, 2008

 This is my human
This is my human …

I’m a firm believer that cats and kittens choose their owners.  That’s why I always insist that prospective kitten owners must visit in person so that kittens and owners can size each other up and bond.

Yesterday, that magical moment took place again.  A young couple visited.  She was a cat lover, he was more of a dog person.  Anyway, he sat down on the floor cross-legged, and the boy clambered onto his lap and lay down.  They locked eyes and suddenly, in that split second, something passed between kitten and human and a bond was formed.

The eyes of the kitten say it all in the photo:  “you may think I’m your kitten, but really, I’ve chosen you … you’re my human.”

Later, both kittens clambered onto the man’s lap and fell asleep.  Photos speak louder than words … enjoy.


Things kittens do that make me go awww …

5 August, 2008
Kittens for Sale
Kittens for Sale

AWWWW Number 1:  This morning I heard a little mew.  As I was surrounded by five kittens I couldn’t be sure which one was mewing.  So I mewed at them (yes, I’m quite sane!), and one of the little girls (the mackerel tabby) looked up at me and gave an identical mew.  Then she tapped me on my ankle.  As I’d already fed them, it couldn’t mean she was hungry.  So I picked her up and gave her a cuddle.  She lay in my arms trustingly and looked up at me, purring.

AWWWW Number 2:  Last night I was tap-tap-tapping away on the computer when I felt a tug on my trousers, and the next thing I knew, the silver boy with white socks was pulling himself onto my lap.  He sat there, watching me type away and then, tired of not getting any attention, he proceeded to walk all over the keyboard until I plucked him off and gave him a cuddle.  His purrs sounded like a little engine!

They’re all special, this litter of kittens.  They’ve been a joy to have and handle and have cleverly (without any help on my part) litter-trained themselves.  They tumble out of the living room every morning, eager to play and be with me.  Who could help but return the love they give?

Two of these purr machines are still looking for a loving pet home, somewhere where they can love and be loved.  Do contact me by posting a comment either in this blog or on my website (, if you would like to offer a home to a silver boy with white socks or red silver girl with elegant stripes.  The kittens are currently 11 weeks’ old and ready for new homes at 13 weeks.  All my kittens are raw-fed for optimum health, but will be transitioned to commercial cat food before they leave for new homes.

[6 August 2008 – sorry if this has turned into a kitten-for-sale ad, but I need to reach as wide an audience of cat lovers as possible, and this is one way.  As of 6 August 2008, the little boy has now found a loving pet home – yayyyyy! – photos in next post]