This is my human …

7 August, 2008

 This is my human
This is my human …

I’m a firm believer that cats and kittens choose their owners.  That’s why I always insist that prospective kitten owners must visit in person so that kittens and owners can size each other up and bond.

Yesterday, that magical moment took place again.  A young couple visited.  She was a cat lover, he was more of a dog person.  Anyway, he sat down on the floor cross-legged, and the boy clambered onto his lap and lay down.  They locked eyes and suddenly, in that split second, something passed between kitten and human and a bond was formed.

The eyes of the kitten say it all in the photo:  “you may think I’m your kitten, but really, I’ve chosen you … you’re my human.”

Later, both kittens clambered onto the man’s lap and fell asleep.  Photos speak louder than words … enjoy.


One comment

  1. How beautiful! I assume you hide your pick kittens for that reason when pet people come to visit 😉 heehee

    I often don’t put my pick ratties on the litter pages, until the others are chosen and reserved. We don’t have vaccines for rats, so sadly can’t allow visitors here in the US (In the UK SDA and sendai aren’t as big deals as here)

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