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Maya and the Rabbit Skin

29 March, 2009

Here are some photos of Maya enjoying the gift of a rabbit skin.  The rabbit skin was sent by a friend of mine and Maya’s, Diana Cornhill. 


Diana used to be a breeder of Bengals, but currently breeds beautiful and lively Burmese kittens under the prefix Toxotis.  She has been a source of good advice and support over the years.  Thank you, Diana!  Here is a link to her web-site:  Toxotis Burmese.

maya-and-rabbit-skin-2Oooh … all this posing is making me sleepy … time for 40 winks on my new rabbit skin!


You know you’re a cat breeder when …

29 March, 2009

… you receive a flyer through the door from “The Bengal Bicycle Club” and you don’t think of a region in India, but the spotted cat.  Fancy that, you wonder … how on earth did they teach a cat to pedal a bicycle … .