Kittens Day 1

24 July, 2009


Seven Catswhiskers Maine Coon kittens, born on Friday 25 July.

Their mother:  Mullycoonz Eowyn (black smoke tortie) (“Ananda”)
Their father:  Ch. Noracoon Vespasian (red silver and white – owned by Fiona Nicholls of Koonikki Maine Coons).  Vespa was also the stud for the 2008 litter.

Colours to be confirmed, but they look like 3 mackrel tabbies, 1 tortie tabby, 1 red tabby and white, 1 red silver tabby and 1 red silver shaded tabby.


The photos above shows Ananda on the bed which is where she finally decided she wanted to have her kittens.  However, because the bed is so much more comfortable than the kitten box, even after the kittens were placed into their box, Ananda kept jumping onto the bed and going “ehh … ehh … ehh” as if expecting the kittens to be there.  Delightful as it would be to have kittens on the bed, I decided that it would be safer if they were in their box.  Imagine if they fell off the bed!  Or if I rolled onto them!  And imagine what would happen if these bed-bred kittens went to their new homes and turned their noses up at anything but their owner’s beds!

There are more photos on the Catswhiskers flickr album.



  1. Congratulations all round! So glad mum and kits are all well, hope you have had a chance to sit down and feed yourself etc !

    Wondering what kittens will dream about on their first night in the world, all tucked up under Ananda’s tail… 🙂

  2. good info, cats r the best 🙂

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