2009 Kittens have arrived!

24 July, 2009


The kittens have arrived!  All seven of them!

To say that I’m relieved is an understatement.  In my post on Wednesday it looked as though Ananda was going to kitten on Thursday.  That would have been 65 days after mating, and her usual gestation period.  So even though she was displaying all the signs of impending motherhood, nothing happened on Thursday, and I was beginning to get anxious. 

I read and re-read my notes on the delivery process – bad move.  They were full of information on what could go wrong.  But she was eating and drinking, and even going for ambles in the garden.  There was no sign of distress or undue straining.  So I decided to wait just one more day before calling the vet.

In previous years she’s always kittened in the early hours of the morning.  So when I woke up just before 6am this morning (Friday), I thought that this was another day of waiting, that it was past her usual time for kittening. 

She was lying on the bed next to me and turned over so I could rub her belly.  Apparently she finds that soothing.  A couple of days ago, I could feel bumps in her belly when I stroked it. Nothing like that this morning, just firm, smooth belly and muscle.  I even fell asleep half-way through, and when I woke up, she gave me a few grunts as is to tell me off.

Imagine my surprise when she started straining, stretching her hind legs back, and panting.  I realised that she was going into the second stage of delivery.

She jumped off the bed, into the kittening box, then out of the box and onto the bed, finally deciding that the bed was where she wanted to be.  Fortunately I’d placed Pampers nappy-changing sheets and towels on the bed for such an eventuality.

To cut a long story short, the first kitten arrived at approx. 6.30am.  Then three more were born until 7.10am.  She was a fantastic mother, and managed to clean all the kittens.  Four kittens I thought – that’s a nice number.  However, her belly still felt a bit bumpy when I palpated it.  So I decided to wait. 

In the meantime I fed her pipettes of water to help replace the water lost from bleeding.  and a liquid pick-me-up called Animal Magic.  This latter contains royal jelly, honey and ginseng.  I felt that the sugar would give her some energy.

I also re-read my homeopathic notes and decided to give her a dose of Arnica 200C.  Helios’ guide says of Arnica:

“Encourages healing; controls bleeding … .  Reduces exhaustion, gives “second wind”, particularly during long, slow, painful labours, where tiredness makes contractions weak/ineffectual. …  Give routinely after birth to speed recovery.”

So was it a coincidence when barely 5 minutes after I’d given her Arnica Kitten no. 5 popped out?  Followed by Kittens no. 6 and 7 within the next 20 minutes?

I don’t know … was it the Arnica?  The only other thing I have to add is that Ananda has made a remarkably quick recovery this time round, even though she’s had seven kittens.  She’s not been as tired as on previous occasions.

Kittens and mother are, at this time of writing, still doing well.


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