Kitten bedding

27 July, 2009


There was a cat breeder who walked into Boots and bought up their entire stock of bedding for baby cots.  When asked by the till assistant if it was for a baby, he replied, twinkling, “yes, all eight of them” or words to that effect!

I myself prefer to use ordinary towels.   

Some breeders don’t use towels because they say that the kittens’ claws get caught in the loop of the towels.  I have never yet encountered that problem.  Some breeders prefer to use old bedsheets or torn up duvets.

The photo above shows the pre-kitten laundry day when I made sure that all my kitten towels were clean and ready.

I line the kitten box with towels which I change daily.  I go through about two bath-size towels every day.  As you can imagine, I go through quite a few towels a week.  In previous years, I bought my towels from ASDA, from their budget range.  But it was still expensive.  This year the gym I go to donated some of their old towels, free of charge – I was so chuffed. 

I prefer white towels because if there is any staining, a soak in Milton Disinfectant before popping it in the wash, gets it out.  If the towels were coloured, they could not be bleached.  The alternative is to use dark coloured towels, which of course won’t show the stains.  But the advantage in white towels is that you can spot exactly what is going on in the world of kitten bowels!PampersBedMats

Underneath the towels is a Pampers Bed Mat.   These are a mattress protector which will absorb pee without allowing it to soak through to the surface beneath.  I prefer them to Pampers Changing Mats because they’re larger, measuring 90cm x 80cm.  As a final precaution against cat claws, underneath the Bed Mat are several sheets of newspaper.


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  1. good info, cats r the best 🙂

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