Homeopathy for your Pets – now from Helios

17 April, 2010

Basic 18 remedy kit

 (from the Natural and Organic Products Show 2010)

I’ve long had an interest in the use of homeopathy, and visited the Helios stand because they were launching their Pet Homeopathy Kit.

Homeopathy kits for pets are not something new.  Ainsworth’s the Homeopaths have a range of veterinary speciality kits for cats, dogs  and horses.  The pillules in these kits are larger and softer than in conventional human homeopathy remedies, so that they dissolve more easily.  The Ainsworth’s kits also come in beautiful wooden boxes. 

I’ve always thought that the Ainsworth’s kits were rather pricey though at £99 for the cat and dog kit (containing approx. 28 remedies and 3 flower essences) and £150 for the horse kit.  And because I use the water-dosing method to adminster the remedies, it doesn’t matter if the pillules aren’t soft. So I’ve always preferred to save my money and use kits meant for humans as the remedies are the same.

The Helios Pet Kit retails at £32.95.  It consists of 24 remedies in 30C potency, plus one flower essence, the SOeSsence Flower Formula which is Helio’s equivalent of Bach’s Rescue Remedy.

The only remedy that seems different from their conventional human kit is Ledum, and possibly Drosera.

I was interested in the Flower Formula, but there were no samples available – I would have to buy the whole kit in order to try the flower essence.  That was disappointing.

Another disappointment was the reply that was given to my question about how to test for the efficacy of the flower essence.  I was told that it was not possible to test for the vibrational efficacy, that they (Helios) had to place its faith in the people who created the essences.

It was an honest answer, and perhaps the person I was speaking to wasn’t an expert, but I was hoping for testimonials.  For e.g. Tortue Rouge’s flower essences for pets are recommended by a homeopathic vet.  And when I spoke to Tortue Rouge (who exhibited last year) I got a very detailed and passionate explanation of how their essences were manufactured.

Another excellent addition to the Helios range is a SOeSsence Shampoo for Pets which contains essential oils of Lavender and Roman Chamomile, plant tinctures of Calendular and Urtica Urens, Sulphur and flower essence of Crab apple. 

Wow – finally, a pet shampoo WITHOUT tea tree oil which is toxic to cats.   The person I spoke to was instrumental in formulating the shampoo and in this instance was able to communicate her expertise in this matter.

(Elsewhere in the show, there was a manufacturer of pet shampoos which included tea tree oil in them – and there was a picture of a cat and dog on the bottle.  When I pointed out the toxicity of tree tree oil to cats, their cavalier reply was that then it shouldn’t be used on cats).

Finally, Helios were also offering a SOeSsence Balm for Pets for minor wounds, abrasions, sore paws and skin irritations.  Again, all the ingredients were designed so that the pet could lick the balm, and not suffer any ill-effects.

What the Helios products offer is peace-of-mind.  Pet owners can use the products knowing that there are no nasties that can make their pets ill.  A much-needed step in the right direction in an industry which often doesn’t take the needs of different species into account in formulating its products.



  1. i have just thrown away my tea tree CAT shampoo ! thank you, i had no idea it was poisonous to cats, and it seems the manufacturers either don’t know or don’t care.

    • Hi,

      I’m glad the article helped. I first read about it on the messybeast website, and there are other sources on the internet which discuss the toxicity of tea tree oil for cats.

      I can’t believe why manufacturers still persist in putting tea tree oil in shampoos for cats – it’s quite worrying, really.

      Best wishes,

  2. Hi,
    Just read your article and I was intrigued to see you are using homeopathy with your pet. I’m not a homeopath, but I used a Yarrow essence on my cat for an absess and it healed within a couple of weeks. I’d defininitely recommend them as they do work. I am a Tree Essence Practitioner and would be quite happy to send you some free samples for you to try on your pet if you are interested.
    Best Wishes,

    • Dear Jan,

      Many thanks for your e-mail and for reading my blog. Yes, I’ve used homeopathy with my cats.

      I don’t think I’ve used Yarrow essence – is that a flower/tree essence as opposed to a homeopathic remedy?

      Also, do you make it yourself?

      I am slightly-familiar with flower essences. What emotional state is yarrow supposed to influence?

      Best wishes

    • Dear Jan, Just seen your blog – it looks fascinating! I’m looking forward to reading it. Best wishes again

  3. Hi, I want to thank you for all this information. I’ve been breeding persians for over 10 years and I’ve learned new things on your blog. I’m very interested in the use of homeopathy for my cats in breeding. I like the information on Arnica and Carbo Veg. I’m wondering if you can provide me with more detail on how and exactly you administer these? Can you email me?

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