Bach Flower Remedy … now served with everything

17 April, 2010


(from the Natural and Organic Products Show 2010)

Flower Essences used to be marketed as single essences, or combinations, to heal as specific mood or emotional imbalances.  Bach’s Rescue Remedy is the most famous example. 

I myself have dabbled in using flower essences for my cats.  At the end of the day I can’t be sure they’ve worked.  But at least with flower essences there’s a feeling that they don’t have any negative side-effects.

What I’ve noticed over the past year, and increasingly, in this year’s show, is the use of flower essences as enhancements to conventional products.

This year it was the turn of fragrances.  Les Fleurs de Bach is a range that incorporates Bach’s Flower Essences into its range of perfumes and bath and body products, that is both organic and anti-stress. 

It is beautifully-packaged in clean white boxes, every aspect, including the French name shouts “premium” product.   The brand won the Beauty Challenger Awards at Beyong Beauty/Cosmeeting Paris in 2009.

What I’ve been keen to find out is whether or not the vibrational efficacy of Bach Flower Essences is affected by the commercial manufacturing process. 

Assuming that a company would only send experts to a trade show, I asked the representative at the stand at what stage the essences were added.  He didn’t know.  He was much better at talking about the quality of the fragrances and the product.  That’s all well and good, but for me, a holistic product is only as effective as the philosophy and the process behind it.  Based on the sales patter I received I wasn’t convinced that the product was more holistic than commercial.

Elsewhere in the show, there were other signs of flower essences being used to enhance other products.  These included  skin ointments or gels, shower gels, pet shampoos and even chewing gum.  Nelsons have a range which include Rescue Remedy pastilles.  Ainsworths already use flower remedies in their room and fragrance sprays.  Helios use Crab Apple in their pet shampoo because of its supposed effect in soothing skin irritations. 

It’s hard to gauge the efficacy of remedies that act on the vibrational level.  How can we tell how much of it is due to the feel-good factor, or the placebo effect as much of the proof is anecdotal?

Testimonials do abound on the emotional benefits people have experienced through flower remedies, so perhaps the only conclusion is that if more 2-in-1 products emerge which incorporate flower essences, and if people maintain they help them, then  it can only be a good thing.

But now that the box has been opened, what next? 

Ready-meals for dieters with flower essences to help ease the stress of dieting?  Chocolate bars and sweets that help to take away the guilt of bingeing? 

Remember … you heard it here first!


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