Part 1 of “So you want to be a cat breeder”

20 June, 2010

Hello, i would like to ask if you do have any kittens available and how much will the cost if i want to breed them? [e-mail enquiry from potential kitten buyer]

Every year, cat breeders receive e-mails like the one above. 

To our experienced eye, it’s obvious that the person wants a a kitten to breed from.   In 99.9% of the cases, our reply is a polite but firm “no”. 

Why is this the case?

This series of posts is for all of you who want to be a cat breeder, but don’t know how to go about doing it.  What I’m going to recommend may not be the only way; it is based on my personal experience.   If you’re serious about becoming a cat breeder, don’t just read this post, get in touch with other cat breeders and ask them questions.

Here’s what I plan to share:

  • how to get into cat breeding – the acceptable way
  • what is a good cat breeder
  • the costs of cat breeding (aka “do you have deep pockets?”)
  • how to get a breeding queen
  • why do breeders charge more for breeding cats
  • why you shouldn’t buy a kitten and have “just one litter” from it
  • what is a backyard breeder and what are the consequences of becoming a backyard breeder

One comment

  1. Oh, dear! Don’t leave us hanging! I can’t wait to see what you write about each of those points. Also something I canNOT seem to get across to some people is the value or importance of a “pedigree.” They say they don’t care if the kittens they produce (or the kitten they are buying) are registered, yet they want “Persians” … this, as if to say I should charge less for the kitten?? I can’t get through to them that they’ve come to ME for a kitten and not someone in the local newspaper for a reason. I’ve lost count of the calls I’ve gotten in the spring from people who have an unspayed or unneutered “Persian” (probably unpapered and unregistered) who has begun to spray or is in heat and they are frantically looking for a mate for the cat. My explanations about pedigrees and breeding rights fall on deaf ears.

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