Part 2 of “So you want to be a cat breeder” – “just one litter”

22 June, 2010

“Hello, I want to buy a kitten from you and I want to have just one litter from her …” [sadly typical request from potential kitten buyer]

Maybe you love kittens and have always wanted a litter of kittens.  Or maybe you grew up in a household where the female cats had kittens.  So now you want a litter of kittens.  You could, of course get a litter of kittens from a moggy.  But what if you wanted a litter of kittens from a pedigree cat?  All you have to do is buy a pedigree cat and breed from her, right?

I had a potential kitten owner visit one year.  She fell in love with one of the male kittens.  And therein lay her dilemma:  you see, she wanted her children to experience the magic of seeing kittens being born.  Because of that she wanted to have just one litter of kittens and of course she couldn’t do it with a boy.

I told her that I wasn’t able to sell her a kitten that was certified for breeding (also known as being on the active register).   That’s because breeders are very fussy about who gets into the breeder’s club. 

It sounds exclusive, but it makes sense.

Reputable cat breeders want people who are committed to breeding healthy cats which conform to the breed standard.  We want to make sure that breeders maintain high standards.  We want to trust the people we sell breeding cats to.  And we also have a responsibility to mentor the person we sell to whom we sell a breeding cat.  It’s a network built on word-of-mouth and personal relationships. 

I asked the kitten owner how she would get a stud for the cat.  And she told me that she would just let the cat run around the neighbourhood and let the local tom have his wicked way with her.

I counted to ten and pointed out that there was a very strong possibility that the local tom might have some fatal cat disease that he would pass onto the queen.

What about using a pedigree stud cat?  She asked.

Again, without an introduction from an established breeder, it is difficult for a first-timer to get a stud cat’s services.  And without a stud cat who’s certified with the cat registry and a queen who’s on the active register, the kittens cannot be registered as pedigree kittens.

But does having a pedigree really matter?



  1. Oh, I love it! Well done! I almost choked on the answer about letting the pedigree out to find a tom. WHO WOULDN’T love to have a litter of kittens at least just once — and maybe if you are lucky it would all go well. We have a rescue program here in the United States where you take a pregnant cat home from the shelter and allow her to have her kittens in your home, then you raise them. You can try to find homes for them or the shelter will do it for you. I would applaud anyone who wanted to do this. My sister participated in this but couldn’t GIVE the kittens away. There were 6. She kept 4 and finally managed to “foist” 2 off on friends. The shelter took the mother back for re-homing. THIS is where pedigree comes in — pedigreed kittens generally have good homes waiting for them.

    • Oh my! She actually kept 4 of the kittens! What a big heart she has! This is the same sister who is the famous novelist? Where does she find time to take care of 4 cats plus write?

      What you write makes such sense, Molly. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

      Best wishes,

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