Part 3 of “So you want to be a cat breeder” – “but I don’t care about the pedigree”

29 June, 2010

“Hello, I have a pedigree cat.  She has just had a litter of kittens.  The father cat doesn’t have a pedigree, does it matter?”

A fellow breeder, Molly Barr, of Mythicbell Persians, and I had a discussion about the importance and value of a pedigree. 

She’s had potential kitten owners call her up and ask her if she could charge less if they take a kitten without a pedigree certificate.

Still others have pedigree queens without the certificate, and are frantically looking for a stud cat, not caring whether or not the stud cat is registered or not.

But is a pedigree certificate so important?  Especially if you only want a litter of kittens?

If you’re thinking of buying pedigree a kitten without the pedigree certificate, think again about what you are missing:

  • a pedigree certificate is a guarantee that your kitten comes from a line of pedigree cats (as all the cats in the certificate have to be registered with a cat registry).
  • a pedigree certificate proves that the breeder you are buying the kitten from has taken the trouble to ensure that she is using breeding cats that conform to the breed standard.
  • a pedigree certificate will allow you to trace the ancestry of your kitten – you can even see the champions that went into your kitten’s bloodline.
  • a pedigree certificate will allow you to show the kitten as a pedigree.  Without the certificate, you can only show the kitten as a household pet.
  • a pedigree certificate adds value to the kitten you are buying. 
  • a pedigree certificate may make it easier to sell the kittens than if they haven’t got one. 
  • a pedigree certificate is a guarantee of a cat’s pedigree lineage.  If you’re breeding your beautiful cat of unknown origin (i.e. you don’t have a pedigree certificate to prove who its parents and grandparents are) to a pedigree cat, you may get a mixture of kittens.  Unless you have a pedigree certificate, the outcome is harder to predict.

As for breeding a pedigree cat without a pedigree certificate (and on the active register) or selling the kittens without pedigree papers … well, if these people don’t care about having a “pedigree”, why then did they buy or are they breeding from a pedigree cat?  Why not just breed from a moggy?

I asked this question of someone who wanted to buy a female kitten from me, and she didn’t have an answer.  The fact is, pedigree cats do produce kittens that are considered beautiful which is why people want pedigree cats  (OK – I can see myself becoming the critical target of non-pedigree cat owners, so let me say that I have owned non-pedigree cats, and not having a pedigree does not mean that they are any less special, and that they are beautiful in their own right too.).


One comment

  1. Indeed, to add more to the beautiful non-pedigree issue — on more than one occasion I’ve had people contact me for breeding rights, stud service, or they want to breed their male to one of my females in return for a kitten from the union. They have a GORGEOUS kitty whom they’ve kept intact in the hope of having kittens from the cat at some point because their kitty is so special, though not a pedigree. I have to admit that I REALLY feel for these people! I know that all cats are special and the lucky cat has a human who feels this way about them. I can understand wanting to perpetuate that specialness. Still, the reality is that s pedigreed cat WITH registration papers proving its lineage is what breeding pedigrees is about. It doesn’t make your kitty less special for not having these papers, however anyone who has had a pedigreed kitty who WAS VERY special and they wish to find another kitty who has a similar personality and similar looks will be looking towards purchasing a pedigreed cat from the same breed. People often don’t understand that breeding their gorgeous cat of unknown origin (i.e. you don’t know what the parents were, or the grand parents, etc.) to a pedigreed cat will most likely result in a mixture of kittens. They will probably all be beautiful, but the results will be less predictable.

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