How a little love from Marmite goes a long way …

12 August, 2010

When Lindsey Davies suddenly went into labour, she was terrified  Her pregnancy had been difficult and she had suffered from the painful and life-threatening conditions of pre-eclampsia and anaemia.  With her partner hours away, she feared the worse.

Fortunately, she had help in the form of a very unusual midwife in the form of her cat, Marmite.  He sensed her fear and stayed by her side.  What’s even more amazing is that he kept comforting her for the two hours it took before her husband arrived home. 

Because of Marmite, Lindsey was able to remain relaxed and calm:  “Marmite followed me around everywhere during my pregnancy and stayed by my side like a birthing partner.  He wouldn’t leave me and kept cuddling me when he knew I was in more pain.  My husband and I both love Marmite, which is why we named him that in the first place!”

Marmite’s love has not gone unrewarded. 

Earlier this week. Marmite was crowned Most Incredible Story and Rescue Cat of the Year 2010, in recognition of his lion-hearted efforts supporting his pregnant owner when she went into labour.

And the makers of Marmite have also acknowledged his fantastic achievements, and presented the cat and his owners from Portsmouth, with a bespoke luxurious Marmite branded cat basket, Marmite ceramic drinking bowl and a life time supply of the yeasty stuff.  They also donated £1,000 to Cats Protection, who organised the awards.

One … two  … three … we LURRRRRVE Marmite!

 (photo above shows the amazing Marmite, Lindsey, husband and baby Ruby)


The Rescue Cat Awards, organised by Cats Protection and sponsored by Purina PetCare, are designed to celebrate the real-life stories of heroism, bravery and survival in the cat world. For more information visit http://www.cats.org.uk

To view Marmite’s entry video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUkEluMFAGo

To find out more about adopting one of the 7,000 rescue cats currently in the care of Cats Protection, please contact the charity’s National Helpline on 03000 12 12 12.

For keep up to date with the latest Marmite news visit www.facebook.com/marmite 

(photos and story used by kind permission of Splendid CommunicationsI)


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