Why a Bengal is not a cat …

26 September, 2010

 Readers of this blog will know that I am owned by a Bengal cat, Maya.  She is both a delight and a pain.  She’s got a larger-than-life personality and is also fiercely boss cat.  She hates other cats, but she loves humans.  She’s also highly-intelligent, and un-cat-like, as this post will show.

The other night I popped over to my neighbours for a quick chat.

I got to my neighbour’s and rang the doorbell. Because I don’t know them very well I had to give a spiel about why I was there. In the end I was invited indoors.

While I was chatting to them, there was a series of very loud and piercing meows. Meows on an increasing pitch of enquiry and urgency. I recognised those meows only too well. My heart sank. Maya had only followed me to the house and was standing outside the house and calling for me!

I told the neighbour to ignore her, but the wife was curious and opened the door.

“Oh,” she said “she’s waiting for you.”

And then she added “oh, c’mon then,” and Maya proceeded to sashay into the house as if she had issued the invitation and not the other way round. She then ran in and out of the house before wandering around the rooms downstairs, all big eyes and puffy whisker pads.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Maya looking at the staircase. Before I could open my mouth and shout at her, she went upstairs.

Suddenly I heard a little lost “mew”.

“Er … I think my cat has gone upstairs,” I mumbled wishing she had never been born.

“Oh no, I think she’s gone out,” the neighbour said, but she sent her daughter upstairs just in case.

Next thing her daughter shouted that she’d found the cat. Before I could warn her, she was coming downstairs with Maya in her arms! You should have seen the expression on Maya’s face, a mixture of shock and horror. She was so surprised that she didn’t fight against being carried as she normally would.

I told the neighbour that Maya would normally not allow herself to be picked up by a stranger and the neighbour said that all children and animals loved her daughter.

Well, it looks as if Maya’s got herself a fan. And I have a horrible suspicion that she was casing the joint and the neighbour might be seeing more of Maya in the future!


One comment

  1. Very cute story … I LOVE your neighbors! lol. They passed the most stringent inspection there is — the cat’s!

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