Fleas (3) – Flea Traps: do they work?

6 July, 2011

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but if your cat has fleas, those fleas will also have infested the rest of your house.  So not only do you have to treat the cat, you have to treat the house.

An easy way to confirm the flea invasion is to use a flea trap. 

They can also be a way of monitoring the status of the flea infestation.  There are commercial flea traps, but you can make your own homemade flea trap.

All flea traps work on the principle:  Fleas are attracted to heat.

Commercial flea traps are made up of a small lamp bulb in a small trap with a sticky disc.  The trap is placed on the floor in a corner of the room.  The fleas are attracted to the warmth of the lamp.   They jump onto the sticky disc and can’t escape and die.

How to make your own flea-trap:  Get a shallow bowl and fill with soapy water.  Place a small gooseneck reading lamp above the bowl, preferably with a high-intensity bulb.  The bulb will warm the water, and that together with the light will attract fleas.  The fleas jump into the bowl of water and drown.

I have used a commercial flea trap like the one in the photo and it does work.  It is very satisfying to check the discs and see the little bodies of fleas stuck on them, never to rise again.  However, the light also attracts other insects.  One year I had a daddy-long-leg invasion and it was really sad to see those elegant insects stuck on the discs.

However, the commercial flea trap had one huge disadvantage:  the lamp socket was very sensitive and caused the bulbs to blow very quickly.  I must have spent a fortune on replacement bulbs.


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  1. I used to have one of these years ago when they first came out. Although they do catch fleas, prevention is better and nowadays I use Advocate on my kitten, which has proved more than satisfactory.

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