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Mungo and Felix – raw fed cats and full of health!

13 June, 2012

Margaret, cat parent to Mungo and Felix sent me this amazing comment recently.  Mungo who’s 15-years-old, had IBD and pancreatis.  He was getting skinnier and skinnier everyday.  In desperation, Margaret decided to switch Mungo to a raw diet. 

The result?  Mungo is now in good health and his companion, Felix is also enjoying being on a raw diet.

Thank you Margaret for having the courage to switch to raw, and thank you Mungo and Felix for being part of this blog post.  As you can see from their photos, they’re looking fantastic!


It was from reading this page that I decided to raw feed my 15 year old long haired neutered male moggie [Mungo] who has been suffering from IBD and pancreatitis for 18 months. Seemed incurable and he was in terminal decline, skinny to emaciation despite being fed the Vet’s recommended gastrointestinal diet, which he loathed and refused to eat, apart from some of the dried food.

In desperation I started my own research into feline nutrition and decided that commercial food off the supermarket shelves is at the root of the poor health. 


Mungo basks in the sun. Aged 15, after a raw meat diet for two months, having gained 3 pounds in weight, his coat back to full glory, eyes bright, and alert and playful.

Started him and his companion cat, who had a bout of pancreatitis, on Woldsway rabbit and chicken bone in mince, but supplemented with Lilly’s Kitchen organic cat food for the vitamins and minerals and herb content, and on Orijen Dried cat food, none of which contain carbohydrates. Both cats ate all with gusto.

The difference in the health of my two cats is remarkable.

The 15 year old has gained a kilo and his coat has returned to its former glory, his eyes are bright and he no longer complains all day. He chases leaves and is loving and affectionate again.

His 7 year old companion [Felix] now has such a taste for wild raw food that he goes out hunting for his own raw food and we believe he is killing and consuming mostly feral London pigeons and rodents, maybe rabbits, too. We live on the edge of a wood.


Felix is 7 years-old and the terror of the neighbourhood mice. Look at the size of those paws!

Felix goes out at about eleven at night and comes home in the early hours with a grossly bulging belly, nibbles lightly at the food offered in the morning, then sleeps like the dead for the entire day!

Thank you,
(cat mum to Mungo and Felix)”