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For sale: Cat Palace cat tree – Rolls-Royce of cat trees!

13 August, 2013

cat-post-thumbI am selling my Cat Palace cat tree to help a friend raise money for overseas medical treatment.

Cat Palace are the Rolls-Royce of cat trees.

The price of this cat tree, brand new, is Euro 1,245 (approx. £1,080).

I am asking for GBP£600 (or nearest offer).  It is in very good condition.

For sale only to UK-based customers as it’s pick-up only!

Cash or bank transfers accepted.

Please contact me by sending an e-mail to: AT or

text/phone on:  zero777one six33five47.

Why am I selling it?

I bought it in 2007 and it has only been really been used when I had kittens.  The kittens and cats made it their home and learned to climb on it.  After I stopped having kittens in 2010, I allowed my adult cats into the bedroom and they prefer the bed (and there’s no going back!).  So it’s only been lightly-used as I only had one litter of kittens every year.

I am selling it to help a friend raise funds for overseas medical treatment.

This Cat Palace cat tree is a model F2.XAS, in light-blue.  F2.XAS means it has been customised with extra-strong plush (Maine Coon sturdy) carpet, with artificial ficus leaves, a little inset heart and a sisal scratching post.  It has three tiers.  What makes it special is the top tier is a pagoda with a curved roof, so cats can sleep on either side of the roof.  Having a pagoda means that more than one cat can play at top cat by getting the highest perch – it’s good cat psychology.
I paid over £1000 for it new.  It is in very good condition, no kitten accidents, no obvious scratches, some of the bark has come off (but most of it is intact).  The sisal scratching post is in very good condition.
It will make a fantastic centrepiece.  I will steam clean it before pick-up.  It’s local pick-up only from London – you will need a trolley and a man with a van or a car rack.
Why buy Cat-Palace
Each tree is custom-balanced so as to prevent tipping and has actually been designed to sustain the weight of adult humans weighing 200 pounds.
Five current San Francisco customers called reported that during an earthquake, the only thing in their houses that did not fall over was their Cat Palace cat furniture. One customer said: “As soon as the ground started shaking, my cats actually ran for the tree and rode out the entire tremor in the tree”.
My Cat Palace cat tree weighs 65kg and my big Maine Coon boy weighing over 15lbs has thrown himself up and down and never once budged it!  It has held 2 Adult Maine Coons and 6 kittens without any problems.  All my kitten owners loved seeing the cat tree which looked like a Christmas tree decorated with kittens!  Imagine the impression you’ll make on your potential kitten owners!
Cat Palace model F2.XAS (used – in very good condition).
RRP Brand new = Euro 1,245 (approx. £1,080).
Measurements (approximate):  Weight = 65kg.  Height = 180cm.  Base footprint = 63cm x 63cm.
Description:  3-tiers.  Pagoda.  Extra-strong light-blue plush carpet.  1 sisal scratching post. Ficus branches.
Location: North London (not far from North Circular)
Delivery:  Pick-up only.
Terms: Cash or Bank Transfer