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updated 10 August 2008:  I curently have a litter of 5 kittens.  Mother cat is Mullycoonz Eowyn and the father is Champion Noracoon Vespasian.  There is one little girl available to a loving pet home.  She is a red silver mackerel tabby.  She has a wonderful personality and easy to handle.  Please look at their photos on www.catswhiskers.uk.com

(original entry below was written in 2006)

I am interested in holistic cat care and feed my cats and kittens a home-prepared raw diet.  I started breeding cats last year and currently have a litter of 7 Maine Coon kittens.

Mum cat is Mullycoonz Eowyn and Dad is Grand Champion Mullycoonz Romulas.

My kittens will be ready for their new homes in the 2nd week of October 2006 when they are 13 weeks’ old. 

My kittens are brought up in a home environment with three adult cats, so they are used to everyday noises, TV, Match of the Day, Big Brother, dishwasher, vacuum cleaners etc.

The kittens will be registered with The International Cat Association (TICA), be vaccinated, de-wormed with six weeks’ free Pet Plan insurance, and a cat toy. In case owners do not want to feed raw, the kittens will also be weaned onto commercial kitten food

I am a member of the Maine Coon Breed Society, the Maine Coon Cat Club and the Novice Breeders Advice Group.

I am still in the process of getting my web-site up and running, but in the meantime, please feel free to leave a comment, or visit my kittens and cats at my flickr blog: http://www.flickr.com/photos/97228027@N00/

If you are interested in giving one of kittens a home, please contact me at: catswhiskers.uk@btinternet.com.

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  1. I read on your web u was interested in Holistic food so i added a link that sells holisic cat and dog biscuites to be fed with raw food or for people who dont want to use raw food. they are very good not like pet shop food in fact u wont find a holistic biscuite in a pet shop you have to order most of them online. I did find a very good one called Nutrence Holistic but they are going to stop selling in the uk next mth 😦

  2. Hi Toni, many thanks for the links.

    There are so many brands of food for dogs and cats on the market, it’s hard to know what’s good and what’s not.

    For cats, the general advice I’ve been given is that cat biscuits tend to contain carbs which are not part of the diet of a cat in the wild, plus dried food stresses a cat’s kidneys. So I try to avoid biscuits for cats as much as possible.

    But dogs are omnivorous and can eat carbs and fruit and veg – it would make life so much easier if cats were the same!

  3. Hi,
    I love you blog. I stumble upon it while I was searching information for my Maine Coon. Keep up the good work.


  4. Hi Marjan, thank you for reading my blog and for posting. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

    You have a Maine Coon in Malaysia? How wonderful. Is it a girl or boy and what colour and from which cattery? I am curious – are there Maine Coon breeders in Malaysia? And how does a semi-longhaired cat cope with the heat and humidity? Best wishes.

  5. hello 🙂 I have spent the last 2 days looking on the net for catbirths , homopathy etc. and finaly found your website, how lovely and i feel i can ask for you advice, i hope you can help.. I mooved into my new house in late december last year, ita an urbanisation here in Spain and as allways cats… in february i was out in the garden and a siames female came but very scared and VERY hungry and thin I just love siames,Any way she was very afraid and but at the same time after her first feed came closer,We have developed a relationship she has her own space to eat indoors while 4 other wild ones eat out side. # days ago she woke me up howling at the window to let her in, i havnt jumped out of bed as fast since my own kids were small i am 56:-) in she came and strait into my wardrobe her favorite place to rest after the meal, i have some old jumpers there for gardening use… and guess what she wantet me to be a midwife, oh i was worried never done this before didnt see the signs only happy that she had gained weight… it took 3 hours and instingtly i was stroking her on the back and she let me , we got one kitten lucky i know from a friend og mine that siamese usually have one or 2 so i felt her tum and felt nothing more, this little one is not a siamese its 3 colours light brown black and white a true beauty, i stayes with Mom all day and all night wow not used to this. any way now you know the story, Sadie as i call the mom, does not eat much and whats worse not drinking i am worried i gave her arnica ” teets are very swallen and baby does not drink there Vets here in spain in not like england.. can you help me
    Love and light Lise

  6. Hi Lise,

    I was out all day and just got your e-mail.

    I’m not sure what to do for your girl because I can’t see her.

    You say she is not eating or drinking. Well, some cats don’t eat much after giving birth. But she should drink. If you have a syringe (without the needle), try syringing water into her mouth, gently. Or use a teaspoon to offer her water. Another thing you can do is beat up a yolk of an egg with some honey and warm it slightly and feed it to her using a teaspoon – that will give her energy.

    Keep trying to hold the kitten up to her teats. You say they are swollen. Try squeezing them gently to see if there is any milk. If so, the kitten might smell it and then latch on.

    Sometimes the milk does not come down when you squeeze the nipple, but that doesn’t mean there is no milk, just that it requires the sucking and kneading action by a kitten to bring down the milk. So, you must be very very patient and persistent, just keep holding the kitten up to the teat and try to get it to latch on – this could take anything from 5 mins to hours.

    Is mom cat in pain when you squeeze her teats? If so, she may have mastitis, and I’m not sure what can be done except get the kitten to suckle to ease the swollenness.

    If baby is still not drinking, you may have to feed it with a milk substitute – not cows milk, but a kitten replacement milk (Royal Canin and KMR are brands in the UK) – I don’t know how easy it is to get hold of in Spain. There is also a recipe:


    “One envelope knox unflavored gelatin should be mixed in 12 oz. boiling water. Then add the following ingredients

    1 egg yolk
    1 table spoons light corn syrup
    2 tablespoons plain yogurt
    2 tablespoons mayonnaise
    1 12 oz. can evaporated canned milk

    Mix all the contents in a mixer to get dissolved completely. Store it in a refrigerator in a covered bowl. You can keep this stuff for seven days. It adds between 15-20 grams on kittens a day.

    This gloop recipe finds it way in saving more than one sick or orphan kitten. I heard wonderous stories from the owners used this recipe for their cats.”

    It is not easy to get the replacement milk into the kitten – you need a large syringe (without the needle).

    Sorry I don’t have any other suggestions. Let me know how mum and kitten do, and if there are any other symptoms, e.g. painful teats, in which case, try searching the internet for “swollen, painful nipples, homeopathy” or “mastitis, homeopathy”.

    Whereabouts in Spain are you? Perhaps you may be able to track down a nearby cat breeder who may be able to help you.

    Good luck and best wishes to you and mum and kitten.

  7. thanks for the useful info

  8. hi, i need some help

    Have been feeding our 4 year old birman girl on raw food and use Instincts which you can now get from Germany so no taxes to pay 🙂

    We took on a 15 week old kitten and having some problems getting his stools the way they should be on raw food. It’s been a week of adding, taking away from his diet trying to work out what the cause of soft smelly stools are. Have tried Instincts and Instincts Plus (chicken liver) with organic chicken meat but no joy. Someone suggested he could be sensitive to something in the instincts powder? I am going to try him on just turkey meat without anything else for a day just to eliminate. Have also when his stool is soft, given him a dose of probiotic, Promax and this seems to firm up stool.

    Thanks for your help,

  9. Reply sent to Rhea Morgan by e-mail.

  10. hello. good day.
    i’m glad finding your blog as i’m searching solutions for my cat who has given birth in breech condition few days ago. now she has no appetite (unable to feed herself except drink) and seemed to have fever. it really puts me into worry when this is the first time facing such situation, and i don’t know what should i do. thank God that i’ve kept homeopathic remedy(belonged to my friend who is homeopathic practitioner). i’m not sure the exact remedy to be given(since i don’t tell my friend yet) but i took FP(ferum phos). i do hope any suggestion… : (
    anyway, i love these 2 items: cats(my whole life) + homeopathy(started about few years ago).

    • Dear Rina,

      I’m sorry for the delay in replying.

      Did you manage to get an answer from anyone else about what to do about your queen?

      My advice would be: get her to a vet if she’s poorly, asap. Until you know exactly what’s wrong, homeopathy can’t help.

      And I’m not experienced enough to give advice when it could be a life-and-death situation. It is better to be safe than sorry just in case it’s something serious.

      I’m sorry I can’t do more. I hope your girl is doing better now. And that her kittens are thriving.

      Best wishes,

      • thank you for the reply. you must not be surprised that i have lost her on thursday last week, and none of hers’ were survived. i was really..really sad as i went to work that morning with tears. knew that i with all my heart patiently accepted the fate, and believed that there is a reason behind this.
        however, i enjoy reading your archives here. thanks again ya..

  11. I have a Persian cat we rescued her to previous owners tried to drown her and got her from a rescue home and doesn’t eat meet but loves the jelly from all cat food why isn’t it sold seperately as it would improve sales and also keep cats cat owners happy if was nutritional meat is hard dry for Persians cat would eat meat if mashed with jelly my cat is a fussy eater she doesn’t eat dried cat food much and my cat eats Felix whiskas and always says around the meat and just licks the jelly she loves it and wish it was available seperately but nothing in the market or on shelves in shops just like diabetics people with dairy allergies I’m finding not a lot or enough is done and we all could do better if we pulled together did our bit so we can help those and make people know aware of the problems around us because we forget about what’s important and think what we think is best and to be an animal human we all should be accounted treated all as equal individual as we are all different not the same and through life its important to keep remembering this as I have found its easy to forget get lost on our journey but together we all can make a difference with just the right reply nice gesture kindness love from all of us and not to forget those who suffer animal or human we all have blood soul life a mind heart inside of us and I just love to remind show I care and my pet everones pet might be the same as mine and its nice that where one person might not know or know is afraid scared to raise there voice I speak for those who can’t and love to improve the world for which I see it through my eyes that god my parents have taught me thank you for listening and hope I get a reply in the hope that cat food will sell jelly seperate for those cats who love it so much because I speak for the animals who can’t speak and people and one person who makes a difference makes life better for us all one way or another yours faithfully James grierson

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