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Snow can collapse cat fencing

20 December, 2010


I have Secur-a-cat cat fencing.  It keeps my cats in and the neighbourhood cats out.

As you can see from the photo above, the cat fencing is made of salmon netting that’s strung between aluminium struts that have been bent at an angle of 60 degrees.  It is very robust and can withstand a lot of punishment.  Hand on heart, it is the best investment I’ve made in my cats’ welfare ever.

Last year, the snow fall was so heavy that I returned one night to discover layers of snow had accumulated on the netting and iced over.  The snow was so heavy that it pulled some of the struts off.  The netting hung in disarray and there were gaping holes in the fencing.

Goodness knows how, but my cats hadn’t twigged that the fencing was down and done a runner.

They were very interested though, in why I was running round the garden in pitch-black darkness.  They shadowed me closely as I shook the fencing with a broom to get the snow off.  What with the cat familiars, I’m sure my neighbours thought I was a witch trying to get some momentum before taking off.

Have you ever had to mend cat fencing armed with just a torch and twiddly bits of wire, festooned with lengths of salmon netting, in the middle of a freezing snowstorm?

Fast forward 12 months and four inches of snow fell in London yesterday.  Deja vu?  You bet.

This time I was prepared with my trusty broom.  Results below.  Fingers crossed that we don’t get any more heavy snowfalls.