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Farewell Ananda (Mullycoonz Eowyn) – 2014-2017 … Outstanding Mother and Cat

19 January, 2017
Ananda (aka Mullycoonz Eowyn) with one of her kittens, Pola

Ananda (aka Mullycoonz Eowyn) with one of her kittens from the first litter

My mother cat, Ananda, passed away early January this year, 2017.

Ananda was the gentlest and sweetest cat I have ever had.  She put up with Maya (the Thuggy Bengal) pushing her around, and only in her later years did she start hissing and retaliating.  After Maya died in March 2015, I used to tease Ananda that she had outlived the “Enemy” and looked forward to more years of loving Ananda.  And then Teddy, her first-born kitten, died in November 2015 and Ananda became even more precious to me, the last vestige of happy times with kittens and mothering.   She was there for me through a divorce, medical challenges, life challenges.  Her furry love was the one constant I could count on.

Late 2016, she started having issues with her mouth and wasn’t eating properly, but the vet (Happy Pet Veterinary Surgery, Southgate, London) said it was caused by inflammed gums from bad teeth.  So she had four teeth taken out.  The day she returned from surgery she ate two pouches of cat food.  I breathed a sigh of relief and thought she was on the way to healing.

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Welcome to The Cat’s Whiskers!

30 July, 2006


Why “The Cat’s Whiskers?”

Oxford English Dictionary: cat’s whisker  • PHRASES “the cat’s whiskers” (also “the cat’s pyjamas”) – informal an excellent person or thing.

No doubt about it – cats are most excellent creatures.  I created The Cat’s Whiskers mainly to talk about my love for my cats and their well-being, and to share with you my current litter of Maine Coon kittens.

My approach to cat rearing is holistic – for me, the holistic way is the “cat’s whiskers”.  I’m hoping to reach out to people who may be interested in the same.

I decided to call this blog “The Cat’s Whiskers” because I’m hoping to get a cattery prefix with the same title. (The saga of getting a cattery prefix is something I’ll cover in another post!)

I’m a novice breeder so if you’re interested in what goes on in cat breeding, you’ll be learning as I learn too.

If you’re here because you’re interested in owning one of my beautiful kittens or just love Maine Coon cats, I hope that you’ll enjoy the photos and descriptions of the kittens as you watch them growing up.

I believe that buying a kitten is something to be taken seriously.  In this blog, you’ll get a feel of what the kittens and cats are like, and also what I’m like as a breeder, and what my methods of cat rearing are.  If you like what I do and think along the same lines, then do contact me!

I think this beats an ordinary web-site in terms of up-to-date news and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


I currently have a litter of kittens available, ready for new homes 2nd week October 2006.

Mating is:  Mullycoonz Eowyn (Dam – tortie smoke) and Mullycoonz Romulas (Sire – Red Silver Shaded)