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Maine Coon Notebook – a fantastic gift for cat lovers!

10 November, 2012


Maine Coon Notebook from The Painted Cat with 17 paintings and sketches of Maine Coons

My Maine Coon boy, Teddy, is the cover of a Maine Coon Notebook from The Painted Cat!

And you can enjoy not just Teddy, but 14 paintings and sketches of Maine Coons (and 3 long-haired friends) from the wonderful collection of animal artist, Denise Laurent.

There’s plenty of space too, for notes and drawings on plain and ruled pages.

Teddy loves them and says it deserves his loudest purr and a 5-paw star rating.  (And don’t tell Teddy) There are also Siamese, Bengal and Black Cat Note Books.

Don’t wait — buy your copy here.

Also, don’t forget to check out Denise’s The Painted Cat website for other treasures and gifts.



Mungo and Felix – raw fed cats and full of health!

13 June, 2012

Margaret, cat parent to Mungo and Felix sent me this amazing comment recently.  Mungo who’s 15-years-old, had IBD and pancreatis.  He was getting skinnier and skinnier everyday.  In desperation, Margaret decided to switch Mungo to a raw diet. 

The result?  Mungo is now in good health and his companion, Felix is also enjoying being on a raw diet.

Thank you Margaret for having the courage to switch to raw, and thank you Mungo and Felix for being part of this blog post.  As you can see from their photos, they’re looking fantastic!


It was from reading this page that I decided to raw feed my 15 year old long haired neutered male moggie [Mungo] who has been suffering from IBD and pancreatitis for 18 months. Seemed incurable and he was in terminal decline, skinny to emaciation despite being fed the Vet’s recommended gastrointestinal diet, which he loathed and refused to eat, apart from some of the dried food.

In desperation I started my own research into feline nutrition and decided that commercial food off the supermarket shelves is at the root of the poor health. 


Mungo basks in the sun. Aged 15, after a raw meat diet for two months, having gained 3 pounds in weight, his coat back to full glory, eyes bright, and alert and playful.

Started him and his companion cat, who had a bout of pancreatitis, on Woldsway rabbit and chicken bone in mince, but supplemented with Lilly’s Kitchen organic cat food for the vitamins and minerals and herb content, and on Orijen Dried cat food, none of which contain carbohydrates. Both cats ate all with gusto.

The difference in the health of my two cats is remarkable.

The 15 year old has gained a kilo and his coat has returned to its former glory, his eyes are bright and he no longer complains all day. He chases leaves and is loving and affectionate again.

His 7 year old companion [Felix] now has such a taste for wild raw food that he goes out hunting for his own raw food and we believe he is killing and consuming mostly feral London pigeons and rodents, maybe rabbits, too. We live on the edge of a wood.


Felix is 7 years-old and the terror of the neighbourhood mice. Look at the size of those paws!

Felix goes out at about eleven at night and comes home in the early hours with a grossly bulging belly, nibbles lightly at the food offered in the morning, then sleeps like the dead for the entire day!

Thank you,
(cat mum to Mungo and Felix)”








Still catching up …

10 January, 2010

So … why weren’t there more blog posts charting the progress of the 2009 litter of kittens?

I think part of the reason is that I felt I’d written it all before in previous years.  (After all, there’s only so many different ways you can describe the birth, the process of weaning, the litter tray training regime, the worry over getting potential kitten owners).  I didn’t want to bore readers with a rehash of what had already been said.

I could also plead work pressures and also the frenzy of having to run after seven kittens before and after work.  I’ve detailed all that sort of thing in my previous posts.

What has the 2009 litter of kittens brought?

I’ve been privileged in having wonderful kitten owners.  People who treat my kittens as members of the family.  One or two of them have even carried on feeding raw.  Most of them have sent me some wonderful photos of the kittens (check out for some fantastic photos of the handsome Lucius).

When I first started writing this blog, it was meant in part meant to be educational (“lessons from an imperfect breeder”), and I think maybe that’s what I’ll focus on this year.


Credit Crunch Catnip 2

6 July, 2009


This is round about Day 30. 

As you can see the catnip seeds I planted in the Jiffy Pot have grown and I have placed them in a larger pot.  I’m not sure why the seedlings have gone floppy.  Maybe because they’re grown indoors?  Here they are soaking up some outdoor sunshine.

Maya the Bengal caught a whiff of the seedlings and started sniffing round.  I had to put the catnip on top of a wheelie bin for safety.


Maya and the Rabbit Skin

29 March, 2009

Here are some photos of Maya enjoying the gift of a rabbit skin.  The rabbit skin was sent by a friend of mine and Maya’s, Diana Cornhill. 


Diana used to be a breeder of Bengals, but currently breeds beautiful and lively Burmese kittens under the prefix Toxotis.  She has been a source of good advice and support over the years.  Thank you, Diana!  Here is a link to her web-site:  Toxotis Burmese.

maya-and-rabbit-skin-2Oooh … all this posing is making me sleepy … time for 40 winks on my new rabbit skin!


Is my female cat a silent caller?

3 December, 2008

(Another snippet from the annual seminar organised by the Novice Breeder Advice cat club which is always a treasure trove of expert advice and up-to-date information.  This was taken from Dr. Susan Little’s talk on “Infertility in the Queen”)

While most intact female cats leave you in no doubt that they are on heat, some cats leave you guessing.  These are the silent callers.

The Oriental breeds tend to like to tell everyone (including your neighbours) that they are on heat.  However, the long-haired breeds, and especially Persians can be more discrete.

Why do some queens exhibit silent estrus?

It could be that they are timid by nature and low on the social scale in the cattery.  They are inhibited by fear of the dominant cat who will pick on them if they call too loudly.  Or perhaps the cattery is overcrowded for them, and they are unable to show that they are on heat for fear of drawing attention to themselves.

What can you do to help a cat who is a silent caller, to encourage her to exhibit more obvious signs?

You could rearange her living conditions so that she is not part of the crowd.  House her with different cats, or in smaller groups, or separately. 

You could also expose her to a tom cat if you think she’s about to call.  The scent of a tom cat can have an amazing effect on any female queen’s hormones.

Also make sure that she is not experiencing false pregnancy due to spontaneous ovulation.  For this you will need the expert advice of a vet.

The disadvantage of not knowing whether or not your cat is on heat is the surprise after 9 weeks and 2 days.  I’ve heard of a breeder who found her queen nestled in a clothes chest, nursing some kittens.  She hadn’t even shown any bulgy signs of being pregnant!


Best kitten enquiry ever!

9 June, 2008

Breeders get many enquiries for kittens.  Here’s one of the best, received by Helena Barrows of Chinktonks and used with her sporting permission.  It was originally posted on the Novice Breeder Advice yahoo group forum,

“Thanks for your quick response,I want kitten,Because i can carry kitten
anywhere,i really want to get a Pet soon.Im interested,just received payment
from work and i am really anxious about having your Horse,.I really like to
come for viewing.If you want to have it sold i would need some details from
you so that i can come in case it’s mandatory,live in New York and need
carrier to pick up.I would love to know your Full Home Address,Full Names
city,and postal code,so i can go through either of the options on hand.1
come over to view and find someone to pick up 2,send personal check and wait
to clear .please it is necessary to pick one,necessary to know your interest”

Hmm … anyone for a HorseKitten?