Teddy Bumbledore: 13 April 2005 – 28 November 2015 … Metacam kills cats!


13 April 2005 – 28 November 2015
Soulmate, Outstanding Cat, Angel in Fur Coat

Teddy Bumbledore was my first-born kitten from Ananda’s first litter.  I helped to deliver him.

When he opened his eyes, I was there.

When I slept at night, he would put his soft paw on my hand.

Teddy had to be put to sleep yesterday.

The cause of death was chronic renal failure, i.e. kidney failure.

The kidney failure was caused by Metacam, a popular pain-killer used for cats.

This year, in June 1015, Teddy had to have tooth surgery for a fractured canine.  He was put on Metacam for at least 2 weeks after that.  In August 2015, Teddy was hit by a car.  He suffered a fractured jaw and some nerve damage to a leg.  He was again put on Metacam, this time for more than 3 weeks.

Metacam is commonly-used in the UK as a pain-killer for cats.

Metacam is BANNED in the US for use on cats.


Metacam – Banned in the US for use in cats!

Teddy’s bloods were tested before he was put on Metacam, and according to the vet, they showed normal values for all kidney function.

About a month ago, Teddy stopped eating.  When tested, his blood showed abnormally high BUN, Urea, Creatinine – these indicated his kidneys were damaged.  He was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF).  He was put on kidney medication (Semintra) and fluids, but had to be admitted to the vet on a weekly basis for IV fluids.

It was only after his diagnosis that I tried to figure out what was wrong.  I googled “Metacam and cats” and when I read about its link to CRF, I knew what had caused Teddy’s CRF.

I was numb and shocked by this.  I was sickened by the thought that I had poisoned a perfectly-healthy cat, a cat who loved me, and who willingly took his medication from me everyday, without struggling because he trusted his mummy to take care of him.

I have spoken to two vets in the UK, and they believe that Metacam is safe as long as kidney function is normal.  The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons told me that there are many factors that can cause CRF, ignoring what I told them about Teddy’s normal blood values pre-Metacam, his long-term use and that it is banned in the US.

These so-called experts have their heads buried in the sand and refuse to acknowledge that Metacam can kill cats, or that it has a strong link to Chronic Renal Failure.

I am beyond anger at the moment because I’m still grieving.

I intend to set up a UK website on the dangers of Metacam for cats.  It will contain information on Metacam and its link to Chronic Renal Failure.  Readers can post their Metacam cat stories.  I will also set up a petition to send to UK authorities on Metacam.  The intention is to get Metacam banned in the UK for use in cats (with the exception of cats who are terminally-ill).

Hopefully, the website will give me something to move through the grieving, and to save cats lives and make sure you never have to go through my pain and guilt.

In the meantime, please check out these website if you want to know why you should say “NO to Metacam” for your cat:




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