Useful Links


The Catswhiskers Flickr Album – up-to-date photos of my cats plus kittens from previous litters

Catwhiskers Maine Coon site


The Painted Cat – Denise Laurent weaves her magic into wonderful paintings of cats (and also dogs!).  Look no further if you’re looking for something special.

Cat clubs and forums:

Maine Coon Breed Society – a GCCF (UK) cat club

and Maine Coon Breed Society Yahoo group

Coontica – a TICA-affiliated cat club.  TICA = The International Cat Association.

Novice Breeder Advice and Novice Breeder Advice Yahoo Group

Other interesting cat-related sites:

The MessyBeast – Researcher Sarah Hartwell’s view on a range of cat issues.  Really amazing resource on cat breeding and care in Britain, mutant cats and hybrids, and more.  “Its main emphasis is cat care, cat welfare, feral cats and associated information for cat owners.  It also contains general interest articles ranging from cloning and genetics through to the role of cats in idiom and urban mythology.”

Shirley’s Wellness Cafe – natural, holistic and complementary alternatives for both humans and pets.


Cat fencing – Secur-a-cat.  No web-site.  Contact Roz/Steve on 01553 776 417 or securacat@aol.com

Zooplus –  on-line retailer with great prices and a wide variety of cat food from Europe, not usually found in the UK.

Purrs in Our Hearts – “Purrs In Our Hearts, Da Bird UK Shop was formed as part of Purrs cat forum to enhance our fundraising effort.  As a non-profit entity 100% of the shop sales after costs will be distributed to UK Cat Rescues registered with the Purrs Forum.” Sells Da Bird, Cat Catcher toys and kittybags catnip toys and samplers.

Solomio Products – cat toys:  Cat Catcher and the world-famous Da Bird feather toy.  Plus Sturdi shelters from the US.

Purrsonal Touch – loads of cat toys and other special products – a regular at cat shows.

R&L Pet Products – for Yesterday’s News cat litter and other brands of cat litter not usually available in retail outlets

Cat scratchers and Cat Trees

Cat Palace – some of the most fantastic yet sturdy cat scratching posts and cat trees made from real tree trunks.  But possibly the most expensive on the market.  Viewing highly-recommended.  Exhibits at major cat shows – check their website for details.

Kalven Cat Scratchers – really sturdy scratchers available in a wide variety of colours.  Exhibits at most cat shows – check their website for details.

Russell Hardy Cat Scratchers – Exhibits at most cat shows – check their website for details.

Raw feeding:

Michelle Bernard of Blakkatz – US-based raw-feeding guru, one of the first.  Many years of experience as a cat breeder, the use of homeopathy for cats, and the dangers of vaccination.

Catnutrition.org – more advice on raw-feeding, especially for cats suffering from IBD.

Feline Future

Raw Paws – Yahoo Group forum on raw-feeding for pets

Raw feeding stockists

Electric Meat Grinder from Northern Tools (Item No.: 168620E)http://www.northerntooluk.com/products.asp?partno=168620

Woldsway Rabbit – wild and and farmed rabbit.  Ground wild rabbit with bone-in.

Graig Farm Organics – a pate-type pet mince made from offcuts and offal

Livefoods – Whole prey (frozen chicks)


Pre-mixed supplements:  Feline Future or Feline Instincts from the US


Hellenia Health Foods




Explanation of Homeopathy and how it works by Michelle Bernard.

Introduction to Homeopathy (on-line course) by Sherri Nakken – so far the only course I’ve done so the only one I can recommend.


“Homeopathic Medicines for Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Dr. Richard Moskowitz.  What applies to humans applies to cats too.

“Practical Homeopathy” by Vinton McCabe (not on many reading lists, but I found this book very clear and well-written)

“Complete Homeopathy Handbook” by Miranda Castro.   Set text for Sherri Nakken’s course.

Homeopathic remedies stockists:

Ainsworths (UK)

Nelson’s (UK)

Helios (UK)


  1. […] New – Links page 2 April, 2008 I have added a new page to this blog, it contains links to sites that I have found helpful or interesting in the course of my reading about cats and […]

  2. Hi, I found this site by chance while trying to find a product that I saw at the Alternative Health show at Olympia. Amazingly you reviewed this same product, Cleargen anti-acne cream with Mangosteen, but I can’t find reference to it anywhere else. Do you know where it can be purchased as my local health food shop can find no reference to it either. Loved the cat pictures!
    Many thanks, Vivienne

  3. Hi there,

    I was wondering if there’s any chance of getting a link here along with kalven and russell cat posts.

    We’ve been around for 4 years and produce extremely sturdy solid timber cat posts. We used to attend many cat shows and also have great reviews from YourCat Magazine.

    If you would like to take a look, the site is kitforcats.com and our phone number is 07949293651

  4. I am Teresa one of the persons that were at the stand where you found Argital green clay at Natural & Organic Products Show 2009. I am working to develop the UK market with Walter the person who gave you the few tablespoons of clay. We are planning the distribution of Argital’s products for the UK. I found you while navigating in internet to see what to do next. It is so exciting to find you in this way and read the presentation of your visit at our stand. I hope you can visit our website and that you can discover in it this vital element that can help slow down the clock of ageing for us and for our pets. I hope we can develop develop the conversation that was first started in April at our stand. Sincerely Yours Teresa

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